Health insurance for seniors

Health insurance for senior citizens is a must because they often face a number of health issues and a normal plan is not sufficient to cover their insurance needs.

Many seniors make the mistake of getting a health insurance plan which has a limited renewability option, which means that they will not be able to renew the policy after they reach a certain age. However, with the help of NZ Health insurance for seniors, they can have a dedicated health insurance policy which might allow them a renewability option.

Seniors are advised to go to a cashless claim facility, which means that they will not have to worry about getting the funds when they are getting treatment or if they are admitted to a network hospital. They can also get insurance discounts so that it can help reduce the premiums on their health insurance plan. The waiting period for a senior citizen’s insurance plan is limited when compared to other kinds of insurance plans. The policy holder can simply claim the cost of the treatment without having to wait for years.

There are also several benefits announced every year for senior citizens buying a health insurance policy. With so many benefits, it is no wonder that smart individuals are going for senior citizens’ health insurance plans.

However, before you sign up for an insurance plan, it is necessary that you know what is covered in that. For example, there are certain inclusions which start from hospitalization that include the expenses related to the doctors’ visits and the theatre charges. Also, ICU charges for a room are quite high and this is covered in senior health insurance. Transportation charges are also included in the health plan and coverage for pre and post-hospitalization expenses is also provided. Certain small medical procedures will not require hospitalization and come under the banner of day care treatment and therefore many such procedures are covered in the insurance policy.

However, it should also be kept in mind that there are certain exclusions in the senior citizens’ medical insurance. These include any sort of intentional injuries, including self harm or attempted suicide. Also, any medical treatment for taking part in an adventure sport is not supported. Cosmetic surgery, unless it is due to an accident, is not allowed to be treated under this medical insurance plan for seniors. Seniors are also not provided any form of insurance related to obesity treatments or any unproven medical treatments which cannot be accounted for.

The process for a senior health insurance plan is kept quite simple. The policy holder only needs to provide information to the insurance company about their hospitalization or any other bills and then they can choose to get the claim settled by either filing for a reimbursement claim. This means that they pay the entire medical bill on their own and then later on are reimbursed for any cost that they have incurred. However, it is essential that they inform the health insurance company about it and provide them with the necessary documents. Search for the leading NZ insurance brokers to assist you.




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